Android Devs: Voice Is the Next User Interface You Should Master

Do you remember when you first heard about mobile development? It was exciting, and new, and unlocked a whole new way for users to interact with your ideas. Maybe you got in early, or maybe you’ve just built your first mobile app. In either case, voice technology is the next major disruption in computing, and there are two great ways to learn about it at Droidcon this year.

Alexa, the voice service behind the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, is changing how we interact with the world. Through the Alexa Skills Kit, a set of free, self-service, public APIs, developers can easily create new voice experiences for Alexa. We want to help you imagine and bring your big voice ideas to life.

Participate in our workshop challenge and get the chance to take home an Echo Dot!
We will share details on site at droidcon.

On Monday, Sept. 4Jeff Blankenburg will introduce the introductory concepts of voice design and help you to build your first voice-first experience for Alexa.

The following day, Andrea Muttoni will take an even deeper dive into some of the more advanced development topics including persistence, internationalization, and state management.

Mark Your Calendars and Sign Up

04/09/2017 (2PM - 4PM)
How To Build For Voice: Foundations, and Why Mobile Developers are Already One Step Ahead (Beginner)

05/09/2017 (11AM – 1PM)
How To Build Alexa Skills: Learn to Create Voice Enabled Experiences with Alexa (Advanced)

We look forward to helping you build engaging voice experiences that delight your users!