Home Improvement: Architecture & Kotlin

Android Architecture
09/04/2017 - 17:45 to 18:25
Stage Lovelace

Session abstract: 

Two of the most relevant news from the recent Google IO were the Guide to App Architecture and the adoption of Kotlin as a first-class language. Both have a very positive impact in our applications.

In my talk I will introduce and advanced architecture inspired in the Clean Architecture of Uncle Bob and I will show the impact of these two elements.

First I will cover the components provided for integration with the lifecycle and how this saves a lot of effort to preserve view models or presenters.  I will briefly cover th methods that we had available until know focusing on the use of a fragment with no view that had the retained instance property set to true.

Then I will cover some real scenarios explaining the improvements that Kotlin provide us with. Some examples:
- Conciseness of data classes (and limitations)
- Property observation
- Use of extensions in presentation logic
- Sealed classes for results (as an either-like type)

This is a "Code or it didn't happen" (TM) talk. ;-)

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