Using Android Things to detect & exterminate Reptilians

Internet of Things
09/05/2017 - 11:45 to 12:25
Stage Lamarr

Session abstract: 

Whether you believe it or not, the Reptilians are everywhere, and we have never been ready to face them so far.
We WERE not ready... But this will finally change, now that Android Things has been released. Trust me, they didn't want to see that happen.

We could still hear them laughing when we finally succeeded in developing stunning mobile applications a few years ago. They were not impressed. But now that we can use the power of Android to build physical stuff, it's a different story. Ever seen any Reptilian having goosebumps? Now you will.

Together, we will discover Android Things and see how we can create a moving machine capable of detecting Reptilians (with touch/skin temperature sensors, and machine learning), but also capable of exterminating them (btw, I would appreciate if the droidcon staff could lend me a flame-thrower, it would make a great demo).

How? Using a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino, and discovering+using some specific Android Things APIs, such as gpio, pwm, i2c, spi, uart, allowing us to interact with physical components.

Come see the power of Android Things.

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