Program Committee

Katerina Andreadou

Katerina is an Andoid developer and enthusiast from the very beginning. Before that she was developing windows mobile and web applications. She currently lives in Greece and is freelancing for German and Greek companies, among them Karlmax Berlin and In the loop Thessaloniki.

Leonie Brewin

As a Designer at Novoda, Leonie spends her days crafting user experiences for Android. With 8 years experience as a designer, she has spent the last 5 years specialising in mobile with a passion for user-centred design and usability testing.

Miriam Busch

Miriam leads the development team at mobile agency Karlmax Berlin. She spends her remaining hands-on time as Android developer.  Her past involves embedded Linux, freelancing and attending the very first Berlin droidcon.

Matthias Friedrich

As Android user from the beginning, Matthias started to develop for the platform with version 1.6 in 2009. Since then he is following its progress very enthusiastically and worked on several applications, big and small, featured in the Play Store and as specialized customer solutions. During these years, he also co-founded the GDG Bremen and GDG Hamburg Android, gave several Android related talks and organized developer events around Google technologies in general. Right now he is a Android developer at the Hamburg based startup Jimdo.

Hasan Hosgel

Hasan Hoşgel is a dedicated Android developer with professional programming experience since 2003. Since 2010 doing all day long Android application development and also is a Google Developer Expert for Android.

Continuous improvement of the architecture, performance and also quality are his dedication.

He works for Daimler X, beforehand a long time for ImmobilienScout24, Germany’s real estate marketplace leader and also for Kitchen Stories, which offered a premium cooking application.

As a co-organizer of the “GDG Berlin Android” and as a speaker, he attended many mobile conferences and several Google Developer Groups across Europe. As well being in program committees and organization of mobile conferences.

Stefan Hoth

Stefan creates ambitious mobile products at Novoda for clients like Arte, Tesco and SoundCloud. He's also deeply involved with building and growing communities, especially for developers in Berlin. He's co-organizer of Berlin Hack & Tell and GDG Berlin, as well the yearly DevFest Berlin.

Dirk Jäckel

Dirk Jäckel is an enthusiastic Android application developer since 2009. He is a co-organizer of the GDG Berlin Android and a co-host of the Pandroid podcast. He works for Mautinoa Technologies as an Android and JavaCard developer.

Karolina Kafel

Karolina is a Mobile Engineer at SoundCloud and Android Developer for over 5 years. During the day mobile lover, UX enthusiast and coffee addict. At night crazy geek, that needs to play with whatever technology she finds promising and interesting. Involved in Women Techmakers Berlin group, trying to make Android platform more accessible for everyone.

@tandaradie | LinkedIn

Volker Leck

Volker is a Java veteran and an early adopter of the Android platform. He works at Novoda where he develops Android Apps of all sizes, flavours and colours.

Friedger Müffke

Android developer since the first days. Founder of OpenIntents and Droidcon as well as Android developer communities

Danny Preussler

Danny is a mobile developer by heart. He lives in and works in Berlin, the city he loves as much as Android.

Danny signed the Software Craftsmanship manifesto as a strong believer in the value of life long learning. He dreams in clean code and could speak about unit testing all night. That’s also his favorite topic when speaking or writing about Android.

Danny was in charge for Android for eBay’s classifieds business in Germany before moving to Groupon to build a team there bringing mobile to life of merchants. Even before Android came along he programmed for mobile phones and every device that could run some kind of Java. Now he is using his learnings to bring TV entertainment to the next level on Android at Viacom International.

His first computer was a Robotron KC87 and he still loves technology. In fact so much he has a magnet and an NFC implant.

Danny is Google Developer Expert for Android

Wolfram Rittmeyer

Wolfram has been developing with Java for ages - mostly Java EE based web applications. He started Android development in his spare-time some years ago. He's the author of the blog Grokking Android. He's active in the GDG Düsseldorf and occassionally speaks at GDG meetings or conferences.

Ben Weiss

Ben works in Developer Relations at Google located in London. Here he works to make Android Developer’s live better. Ben is involved with Android and Droidcon since their first public iteration.

Friederike Wild

Friederike is a passionate Android developer. She is currently based in London working self-employed on health and lifestyle apps. Likes to experiment with clean architecture and improving code quality and development processes. Also practising Plant Driven Development by crafting vegan recipes when not coding. Previously worked on a wide range of apps and games for Android including Badoo and bringing the board games Catan and Carcassonne to Android.