Doppl Code Sharing

09/05/2017 - 16:45 to 17:25
Stage Turing

Session abstract: 

Code sharing is the new Cross Platform. There are a few options out in the market, but all of them require a third platform, immature libraries, and more than a little risk and hope. The dream would be to build two native apps, with very little of the risk and hope, and maximum shared logic.

Our entry into this mix is called Doppl. It is a build tool and set of libraries built around Google’s J2ObjC to facilitate maximum code sharing, with minimal risk, and minimal impact on development time and processes. In summary, you can share your business logic from Android to iOS, and leverage popular Android libraries such as: Retrofit, RxJava, Dagger, Gson, various ORM’s, as well as SQLiteDatabase, shared preferences, Android threading, etc. 

The Android side is 100% native, the iOS side uses generated Objective-C, and both use the best IDE’s for their tasks (and yes, you can code in Swift). This talk will go through the what’s and why’s, show some live coding, and talk about how your best practice architecture can be leveraged on both platforms.

Doppl is currently available for demo purposes and early access folks. Release in June. Core tools and libraries will be open source.

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