The evolution of notifications

Design / UI/UX
09/04/2017 - 17:45 to 18:25
Stage Turing

Session abstract: 

Notifications are an essential part of Android applications. Indeed, they are a very interesting entry point to your app and can bring a lot of value to your users if they are used correctly.

Introduced from the first version of Android, we will start with a bit of history about their evolutions over the versions of Android from an UX/UI point of view.

Then, we will see how to be a good citizen and follow best practices based on concepts like category, relevance and legitimacy. Indeed, they are often underestimated and misused and can lead to real pain for Android users.

Finally, we will discuss a series of tips & tricks to perfectly match their uses to the needs of your users. By discussing topics such as  triggering, styles and unknown APIs of the framework, we will make a full overview of their possibilities and how to implement them.

Session Video: