How to bring a product to reality in a few days: design-dev cooperation and fast Android prototyping

Design / UI/UX
09/04/2017 - 14:30 to 15:10
Stage Turing

Session abstract: 

Developers and designers want the same thing: the best possible product out there. However, cooperation between the two vastly different disciplines is rarely seamless.

What can be done to make the dev-design interaction work better? How can we improve the communication and cooperation?

In this joint talk, with a developer and a designer, we point out usual pain points from both points of view and explain how to best avoid them.

We also demonstrate how a seamless cooperation can lead into a new wave of very rapid prototyping using Android as the platform. The tools and libraries available for Android designers and developers now allow small teams of two to build complete functional prototypes in just two days.

We talk about how to best get detailed designs communicated in a form that developers will understand them and how they best get feedback from designers for adding that extra polish to projects and prototypes.

Session Video: