Tales from the dark side: developing SDKs at scale

Best Practices / Code Quality
09/05/2017 - 14:45 to 15:25
Stage Lamarr

Session abstract: 

We love Android because of its diversity, openness, and lack of central control. The openness gives us a highly competitive market with many vendors and a huge number of models. We see inexpensive phones with slow processors and little memory, and we see flagship phones with the highest performance chip makers can produce. 

Today, Android is truly the world phone. When developing for Android, you have the world as your target audience. But the darker side of Android is that a quarter of all active Android devices are running Android 2.x or 4.x, and these devices haven’t seen an update for years.

Developing an app or a SDK for a global scale, you will from time to time be hit by mysterious bugs. Bugs which can only be reproduced on particular devices, bugs only users can reproduce, or bugs that disappear as soon as you start looking for them.

With Realm being used in more than a billion app installs around the world, we have experienced this first hand. This talk will take you through a horror show of some of the most obscure bugs we encountered, and not least how we found and fixed them. By understanding the root cause of these bugs you will hopefully leave with a better understanding of the diverse eco-system Android is and with some tools and tricks for fixing bugs in your own app or SDK.

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